Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2:11 AM Rant.

Okay, I am officially confused with blogger. There's like a follow button, then theres a follow with google, twitter, blogger, and etc account, then theres more buttons to press, then you have to log in with your account, all for the sake of following 1 person. Life is complicated eh.

Ah yes a complicated life is my matter these days. Ever get the feeling you're teacher is teaching in a language you're not oh-too-familiar with? Well that's my dilemma. Hmm yeah moving, definitely an option, but other than that what do i have? Stick with it and hope for the best?

It's probably just me but i really do think learning new, somewhat unimportant subjects for your future, at my age isn't really all too wise now. After all, this is the rest of my life we're talking about, i'd rather risk it somewhere else where I understand what people are saying rather than learn the language and risk mistranslation issues. And you know, people here are sooo, hmm what is the word i'm looking for... talkative? well yea and also over-exaggerative.

Yes talkative + over-exaggerative is the perfect combination of words to describe them. Well not everyone, but just certain individuals, there are those that are nice (gotta find a synonym for nice, vocab getting lame. -_-), but there are those i dislike to the core. Ah but gotta keep a straight face, who knows i might need them. haha.

So anyways there's this one class, where being talkative and smart gets you the highest mark, and we discuss issues and all that. Very intriguing stuff, if i could understand it. no actually i take it back, it isn't all that intriguing, why? Because that class has the mindset of people that cant get straight to a point, they run around in circles, kissing ass, pleasing people with no intention, and then finally reaching a conclusion that not really gonna solve the problem. Yes that is an over exaggeration.

Yeahh so thats all i have in my head today, you know, blogging is reaaally refreshing. Its either this or its because I've been feeling hubbub ( oh the magic of google translate, the word i'm looking for is galau, gotta look into that) and im letting it all go in my blog at 2.11 AM. yeaaah it might be that.

Oh and for YOU that is reading this post, if you're wondering why i can write this faster than i write an MPK* paper, well dont be surprised, I'm that awesome. hahaha. And stop laughing!

So anywhooo, its been refreshing and i hope i'll have more to share soon, ciao.

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